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For additional information, please contact:

Valerie Windrim
Government Coordinator, Sales Resource Team
T 905-953-5173
Toll Free 1-866-467-2273
E vwindrim@inscapesolutions.com


Harris Richardson Representatives
1200 Conveyor
Dallas, Texas  75247
T: 214 213 9090
Area covered: North Texas, Oklahoma

Holly Richardson: holly@hreps.com
Joan Harris: joan@hreps.com

The Lowe Group
1113 Vine Street, Suite 138
Houston, Texas  77002
T: 281 255 4449
Area covered: Texas, Louisiana

Chris Lowe: chrislowe@the-lowegroup.com
Scott Lowe: scottlowe@the-lowegroup.com

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Inscape System
Inscape Bench

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