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What a Waste!


3 ways to save by using demountable walls instead of drywall.

In the one minute it will take most people to read this article, 28.5 tons of drywall waste will be dumped into a landfill somewhere in the US. Two thirds of it will come from new construction.

Using demountable partitions instead of drywall is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of building. But the rewards don’t stop there — your projects can save money, too!

Construction Costs
It’s true that demountable partitions have a higher initial cost than conventional construction, costing as much as two to four times more depending on wall type. But some of that cost can be recouped in the time it takes to build the walls. Demountable partitions can be erected in hours
rather than days and involve fewer trades – resulting in a shorter construction schedule and less time waiting for others to finish their work. Some wall products can even be shipped pre-wired, further reducing on-site construction time and coordination. In addition, the number of dumpsters required to haul away debris can be substantially reduced.

Tax Benefits
Demountable partitions can be written off over 7 years as opposed to 39 years for fixed improvements. This can result in an annual savings of as much as $12,000 for each $100,000 spent on movable walls. Tax models and accounting procedures vary by region and company so we recommend an independent analysis of the potential savings on your project. Yet everyone would agree that the higher initial cost of buying a manufactured wall is more than offset by the long term benefits of owning the wall.

Reconfiguration Costs
We’ve all heard stories of companies who buy demountable walls with the intention of moving them but never do, but in our experience this is not the norm. Inscape’s clients move their partitions again and again, especially at the Pentagon where we have installed over 45 miles of our Infive wall product. In addition to the savings of paying for the wall only once, the reconfiguration can often be accomplished in an evening or over a weekend. That saves not only construction cost but also soft costs of down time and temporary protection.

Have you experienced the benefits and savings of movable walls? We’d love to hear from you. And if you haven’t, please consider the 28.5 tons of waste just added and contact us to discuss your next project.

| By Michael Fazio

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