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Workplace Harmony


I’m a speaker at this year’s NeoCon and am preparing a presentation on “Love thy Neighbor: Designing Space that Fosters Workplace Harmony”.

How we work has changed, but behavior and workplace protocols have not always kept pace. With the “open landscape” still trending, the integration of technology a priority, and the push for collaboration, what have been the effects on the individual worker? Is face-time occurring more frequently or do fingers still do the talking with IM and email? What type of distractions are workers experiencing today vs. 10 years ago? Are headphones the right solution? I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

| By Michelle Allard

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  1. My experiences in the heart of the Midwest is that it is a combination of both face time and modern technology. The Midwest and their conservative values still wants that face time to communicate most effectively when it comes to important matters. When it’s day to day small stuff then email, etc. is most effective.

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“A mega-trend is sharing instead of ownership of workspaces. We can either all ride in coach or we can share a private jet.”

Chris Blackadder
Principal, Woods Bagot