We need your contact lists for marketing!

We are building an email list and would like to include the A&D contacts in your area. See the instructions below on how to export your contact list from Outlook into an Excel spreadsheet. If you have any other contacts that you feel should be on the list, please add them to your excel file before uploading . Please upload your list by October 11th!

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How To: Export Contacts From Outlook to Excel

1. Open Outlook and select the Contacts tab on the bottom of your screen:

2. Then select the contact list you wish to export:

3. Hit the “File” tab and select “Options”:

4. A new window will open up, select the advanced tab and select the “Export” button:

5. A new window will open up, select the option that says “Export to a file” & hit next:

6. In the next window, select “Microsoft Excel” & hit next:

7. You’ll see that the contact list you want to export is already select, hit next:

8. In the next window you will see the following, hit “Browse…” A new window will open where you can select where you want to save your file (e.g. Desktop, Documents, etc…), hit “OK” & then “Next”:

9. When you see the final screen below, hit “Finish” & your contacts will have exported to the location you selected in step 8: