Inscape Introducing Arrivals Wing @ NeoCon 2017

We are excited to introduce our new Arrivals Wing system at NeoCon, June 12-14 at The Mart in Chicago. This flexible system offers employees a spot to escape for focus or collaborative work. Arrivals Wing supports diverse work styles while addressing acoustic and visual privacy needs. Arrivals Wing brings natural materials and form to workspaces, offering privacy pods in today’s open office.

Arrivals Wing’s simple panel styles with universal connectors enable the creation of a broad number of focused or collaborative applications. Soft seating options, wide fabric choices and accessories allow for personalization. Arrivals Wing can be easily and quickly reconfigured.

Refined fit and finish, maximized use of exposed natural wood, soft radius profiles, as well as crisp upholstery details provide a consistent aesthetic across the office.

June 5, 2017 | By: Ching-Sha Lim