Inscape Previewed RockIt™ Bench at NeoCon 2018

Designed to be powerfully simple, yet simply powerful.

June 18, 2018 – Inscape previewed its new RockIt bench at NeoCon, June 11-13, in Chicago to glowing reviews. RockIt is built for customers looking for furniture with clean visual lines, yet includes all of the functionality and capabilities of high-powered benching platforms. Not only is it visually striking, it also offers a level of flexibility and endless adaptability never seen before in its category.

RockIt is a light scale bench that supports change, personalization and wellbeing in the most demanding environments. Beautiful in its simplicity. Powerfully simple in its design. Unmatched in its abilities to transform on a moment’s notice.

RockIt’s perfect balance of modern design and sophisticated materials enable Industrial Chic, Mid-Century Modern or even traditionally conservative environments. Visually light with authentic wood design details, RockIt brings simplicity, beauty, tranquility and a sense of calmness through its use of finishes and materials.

Engineered with a compact spine and a canted universal leg, RockIt was designed with maximum stability, durability and quality in mind. User adjustable accessories, storage and privacy screens simply click, hang or pop in or out of place on a multipurpose channel in the frame and leg. Convenient power access and integrated height adjustability enhance productivity and wellbeing.

One of the most innovative features that received significant praise at NeoCon is the newly created and patented SkyRockItTM height adjustable technology. Virtually hidden from the side profile without any additional legs underneath or accessories on top, the sleek, cantilevered pneumatic lift is a revelation for those looking to add height adjustability without compromising design.

Biophilic elements such as extended planters for ample greenery and authentic wood details bring nature inside. RockIt’s clean architectural lines limit visual noise and enable users to enjoy the beautiful world outside their window.

RockIt is BIFMA level® 3 and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified.

June 19, 2018 | By: Ching-Sha Lim