Sitting or Standing? It’s all about balance.

We’ve all heard about the health risks of sitting too much, especially while at work. Many workplaces offer sit/stand desks that allow workers to alternate between sitting and standing. A recent study found that prolonged standing can also be bad for your health.

If both sitting too much and standing too much are bad for you, what is the answer? It’s all about balance – alternating between sitting and standing positions and keeping your body in motion. When you move, the muscle activity triggers important processes related to the breakdown of fats and sugars within the body. When you sit, these processes stall – and your health risks increase. When you’re standing or actively moving, you kick the processes back into action.

So the key is to try and keep your body from being still for long periods of time and allowing your body’s processes to function efficiently. Having a sit/stand desk provides workers with the flexibility to change positions and keep working. Learn more about the benefits of sitting and standing at work and our sit/stand solutions.

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August 24, 2015 | By: admin