Task Lighting

Over 80% of our sensory experience is visual. Task lighting is an integral part of a well-lit workplace. Our collection of long-lasting LED lighting brightens desks and helps users avoid headaches and eye strains.


Monitor Arms

Our collection of monitor arms adjust fluidly so it is easy to personalize the screen position. Keeping the neck, shoulders and back in the proper position is key to avoiding muscle fatigue.

With monitor quick release, cable management, 180 degree lock out and effortless adjustment, these monitor arms will keep users happy and productive.


Keyboard Platforms

Keyboard platforms give users control of their workspace, boosting engagement and wellness. Our keyboard platforms keep wrists in the proper neutral positions, helping users avoid the strains and pains while typing. When not required, simply move the keyboard below the worksurface for comfort and to maximize space.

Katie Boyle introduces Inscape’s Drive Ergonomics Collection launched at NeoCon 2015. The collection features free-standing height-adjustable desks, lighting, keyboard trays and monitor arms.

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