Inscape Bench


A smarter open office

Bench is a customizable, scalable desking system that addresses the diverse work modes of today’s office. Encourage collaboration while supporting users requiring visual and acoustic privacy. This flexibility allows for personalized workspaces that help keep workers happy and productive.


Stand for wellness

Inscape offers superior flexibility for clients unsure about sit/stand desking. We offer the option of adding sit/ stand mechanisms at any time, providing true flexibility of planning.


Empower technology

Choose from four convenient options for power/data access. Plus, with our Twin-Bin solution, mobile workers can plug in a device and lock it securely while away from their desk.


Ready for change

Our Bench features inherent flexibility to address evolving needs – peace of mind for clients unsure of how changing workplace trends will impact their business.

Designed for today’s agile workers, Inscape Bench is customizable, scalable, and a perfect fit in open plan environments.

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