Veil Privacy Collection


Veil collection

Veil is a collection of accessories that lets workers in the open plan adjust their level of acoustic and visual privacy to suit their work style and as their needs for concentration and collaboration shift. Curvilinear design and tackable surface help address acoustics.



Ideal for benching applications, the Cove privacy screen mounts to the worksurface, and easily slide s to adjust placement. Cove provides visual privacy and lets users signal the desire for concentration.



Ease lounge seating is easily rearranged by users to suit their needs. Ease can be used independently or with Cloak screen to create meeting hubs.



Cloak wraps around the back of a chair (or our Ease lounge) to create a cocoon of visual and acoustic privacy, defining intimate space. A simple adjustment of the wings



Mounted from the underside of the Interval beam and secured to the floor, Pivot’s 360 degree rotating fabric partitions define space, absorb sound and limit visual distractions.