AOL wanted a dynamic environment that would promote interaction and collaboration, so Inscape created a customized solution that addressed distinct needs with a unified aesthetic.

AOL is a leading-edge web services company, including a network of premium and niche content sites, and an extensive offering of world-class tools and platforms. AOL’s business spans the Internet with online and local content, innovative products and valuable services for consumers, publishers and advertisers. 

As part of a company-wide initiative to adapt to changes in an online culture they were helping to create, AOL wanted to move from a distinctly 1980s corporate aesthetic with private offices and high-panel, tightly defined cubicle workstations to more open, shared workspaces. AOL wanted a new look and a dynamic environment that would promote interaction and collaboration. The challenge was to provide the stability and power capabilities of a panel system in a non-cubical environment.

The design solution utilized cubicle parts to create non-cubical, collaborative workspaces. Inscape customized a solution that integrated elements from product lines that are not typically combined.

“Inscape’s ability to easily create a repeatable custom solution is ideal for clients who want to make a significant change to their office environment. AOL needed a combination of workstation and benching solutions for their corporate headquarters. Although Inscape’s Tisch and systems products are distinct in their design philosophies, together the products delivered a unique solution that created workstations for each type of user while providing a common, unified design aesthetic.”

Primo Orpilla
Studio O+A

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