Comfort at work

Crossline is the result of close collaboration between scientists, engineers and designers to develop a novel seating system offering premium comfort. With its patented technology and innovative backrest design, Crossline cradles the body, supporting the spine without restricting movement. Crossline product family offers a variety of material and color combinations to meet just about every creative vision. All Crossline models are available with high-quality fabric and leather.

Personalized support

Dynamik_MannThe centerpiece of this innovative chair is the unique, patented “Similar-Plus” mechanism. It ensures exceptionally smooth movement during dynamic sitting. Dynamic sitting encourages circulation and reduces strain on the intervertebral discs, neck and back muscles, keeping workers happy and productive.

The streamlined upholstery of the backrest adapts according to the weight of the user. It provides ideal support to the iliac crest of your back, gently absorbs movements of the spine
and always maintains contact with the back.

The results are revolutionary: at the point where other backrests lose contact with the back, this system molds to the spine and actively supports the back muscles.

Lift mechanism

Sedolift_Poster_1987 Even in the lowest position, this seat-height adjustment – with worldwide patent – provides a back-friendly “soft landing” when you sit down. Grooves in the side of the guide tube allow the mechanism to click into place. This takes the pressure off the gas lift mechanism, which is why it is so durable and features a 30-year guarantee!




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