Nuform is Inscape’s exclusive work surface.

Durable, beautiful and ergonomic — with a seamless edge that looks and performs better than traditional laminate edge-banding.

Seamless, clean & beautiful

Heat resistant
Fade resistant
Bacteria resistant
Moisture resistant
Chemical resistant
nuform at hok

Cleaner worksurfaces

Nuform can be safely cleaned and disinfected with a multitude of cleaners and disinfectants including Virox, Virex, QUATS, bleach, and ammonia. In laboratory testing using both the NEMA LD 3.4 and ASTM D3450 test methods, Nuform was shown to have no discoloration or damage to the finish when cleaned and disinfected.


edge banding and surface


Straight or tapered edge

For worksurfaces, our straight edge option offers a sleek look while the popular tapered edge is ergonomically superior to traditional 90 degree edges, providing a comfortable sloped surface that eliminates pressure on wrists. edges

Your design

We can create a wide variety of worksurface shapes and sizes for your distinctive environment.

Your choice - Nuform

More choice

Designed for sustainability


  • level® 2 certified
  • Contributes to LEED for FSC, Local Manufacturing, Recycled Content and Emission credits
  • UL-GreenGuard tested and Certified for Off Gassing
  • FSC-MDF contains 98% Pre Consumer-recycled wood content
  • Minimal waste in production


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